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Short Term Housing in New York City - Manhattan

Why rent with us?

1. Lara Group has specialized in the furnished apartments rental industry for over 10 years.

2. Our niche expertise makes us more efficient in finding the right apartment for you.

The furnished apartments industry is a small niche that Lara Group dedicated all of its efforts to, for many years. Our agents are very knowledgeable of our apartments inventory and can match your exact need. Our agents can give you an exact description of every apartment, every building and the surrounding area. You will not have to spend time looking at furnished apartments that are not suitable for you. Lara Group is very knowledgeable of the whole furnished apartment inventory . If we do not have the apartment that you are looking for in our database, we will be able to locate one for you.

3. Lara Group has a wide selection of furnished apartments in its database with pictures of every apartment.

We have approximately 1,000 furnished apartments in our database with detailed information, pictures and a map of where the apartment is located. We are in the process of including videos of the apartments, building pictures and surrounding areas as well. Hopefully this will make your apartment search much more enjoyable and complete.

4. Lara Group does not offer sublets from individual people.

Lara Group only rents apartments in New York that belong to investors, management companies and landlords, which in turn are used for the sole purpose of furnished rentals. These apartments are fully furnished and equipped with the specific items that you will need during your temporary stay. The majority of the apartments have the utilities set up for your convenience.

5. Lara Group only offers quality and nicely decorated furnished apartments.

Once we developed a long term relationship with many of our landlords and investors, we were in a position to propose the furniture style that most of our clients liked best. We also have been able to motivate many of them to bring the apartments to our quality standard to keep providing our clients with the stylish furnished apartments you see in our website.

6. Our agents will inform you of all expenses up front so there will be no surprises after you rent the apartment.

Once you have decided on one of our furnished apartments we offer, your agent will send you an E-mail with the exact breakdown of the total cost for the apartment along with the application forms. When your application is approved, your lease and invoice will show the exact same amounts specified in the breakdown.

7. Our great relationship with our landlords enables us with the ability to rent the apartments quick and easy.

The good relationship and trust we developed with our landlords will help secure an apartment for you until all payment is received. We charge $500 good faith application deposit while we process your application. There is no need for the owner to receive all monies for you to move in. You can gain immediate access to your apartment as soon as we have received your payment.

8. Lara Group invoices and collects your rent every month.

You do not have to deal with a different person after you rent the apartment in order to pay your monthly rent. Landlords appreciate our assistance in this matter and this is what makes us their preferred broker.

9. Our agents will help you with any problems in the apartment throughout your rental period.

Whenever you have a problem or concern in regards to your apartment, you can contact your agent directly. Your agent will then contact the landlord on your behalf and update you on any progress. This is our way to keep an open line of communication with our clients and have the ability to offer the best customer service. We also use this as a way to survey if our landlords take care of our clients problems immediately and efficiently. Lara Group tries to avoid landlords that do not address complaints in timely manner.

10. Our agents will help you to collect your security deposit back from the landlord on time.

Lara Group has a customized database system that tracks all security deposits that were given to all landlords at a given time. When these security deposits become due, your agent will be contacting the landlord to remind him/her that your security deposit needs to be returned. As soon as we receive the security deposit from the landlord, your agent will contact you to make arrangements on how to get the deposit back to you.

Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service!