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Temporary Housing in New York City - Manhattan

Looking for a Year relocation?

If you are looking to relocate to New York City for long term, we have 3 Options for you:

(Click on the Option that suite your needs)

  We will place you in a temporary apartment while we find you a long term apartment that suits all your needs.
  We will find you a long term furnished rental.
  We will find you a long term unfurnished apartment and we will furnish it for you.

Lara Group Relocation provides corporations, organizations and families with a variety of innovative, cost effective relocating solutions, including Area Orientation, Apartment Search, Rental Assistance and an extensive array of life style services. We are able to place you in a temporary housing (from a week to up to 3 months) while we find you a more permanent or long-term (1 year or more) living situation.

Relocating can be an extremely stressful experience especially in New York City. Lara Group Relocation friendly and knowledgeable specialists take great care in treating our clients with respect and understanding of their housing obstacles. We provide personal one on one consultation and in the field showing of apartment in the New York City and the surrounding area. Our personalized assistance, vast knowledge and expertise in the real-estate market in New York ensure that Lara Group Relocation will effectively address your unique relocation needs. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless move of our clients from their old or permanent residence to a new Manhattan apartment.

Lara Group gives you expert help you need to make the right decisions without wasting valuable time and money trying find housing in Manhattan.