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Furnished Rentals in NYC - Manhattan

Looking for a Year relocation?

We will find you a long term Furnished Rental

We have a wide variety of NY furnished rentals in our database that you can choose from. You can Search our Database and find the apartments that are available for your require dates.

However, if your dates are a little flexible and/or you can stay in another apartment while the one you like becomes available, we prepared you a short cut so you can only see the apartments that have a minimum rental period of 6 months or greater. Why? Since many condominiums require a minimum of 6 to one year rental, owners of those apartments are willing to rent their apartment at a lower rent. Besides, many condominium buildings have additional amenities which may be appealing for you, such as gym access, pool, washer and dryers in the apartment, roof top.

Just click on "Start NOW" to get our whole list of NY furnished rentals that meet that criteria and select the ones that you are interested in.

If you do not find in our database anything that you like, we suggest you to check our Option 3. We have prepared this option because we understand what you need! You will be there for a long time! Option 3, gives you the option to choose the apartment and location you like!