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Do you have 3 or more furnished apartments in New York City?

Lara Group is a Real Estate Brokerage firm specializing in temporary and long-term relocation rentals of furnished apartments in New York City.  No fees are charged to landlords for listing the apartments.  Our easily accessible website ranks #1 on Google. We market all our apartments by displaying photos, listing current prices and making comprehensive descriptions of the space and its features on our site. This is all at NO COST to our landlords.

Why more than 3 apartments? Lara Group provides a level of quality and service that can only be maintained when dealing with landlords that rent furnished apartments as a business. Therefore, we do not list any New York sublets; we just do not offer our clients apartments from people going away on temporary basis. If you have less than 3 apartments and you want to rent your apartment as investment, we recommend considering our property management services.

Over the past 10 years we have represented several owners and management companies who not only are happy with the predominantly corporate clientele we bring as tenants to their apartments but also with our personable professional service. Our experience in handling lease agreements and condominium board approvals (if applicable) has earned us the trust and respect of landlords and management companies which we work with us.

We have a customized database system where we list all apartments we represent, where we include pictures and detailed information for all furnished apartments.  This system also enables us to have full control over the whole rental process, including renewals, payment collection and security deposit refunds.

Are you new to the furnished apartment industry?

We can offer you a complete furniture and equipment package that will be suitable for your apartment style. Our 10 years experience in the furnished apartment industry has gave us the knowledge of what people like most and the style that makes a furnished apartment more attractive to clients. Using our knowledge to furnish your apartment not only helps to keep it rented at all times, but also ensures higher rents for your furnished apartment.

Need property management services?

Lara Group Management Services can do more than just list your furnished apartment. We can manage your apartment and make sure that is rented at all times. We can accomplish this by using our network of corporate clients, real estate brokers and others, in addition to the Lara Group agents' team. Since Lara Group became a branding name for furnished apartments, there are certain quality and style guidelines that need to be met. So we will work with you to bring your apartment to those standards. This includes decoration, furniture selection and more. We want to help you make your apartment look its best so you can enjoy the best return on its investment!
Our property management fees are 10% of the rent.

We invite you to work with Lara Group and experience the results of your investment working for you!

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