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Furnished Apartments in New York City - Manhattan

Furnished Rentals in New York City – Manhattan

Finding a furnished rental in New York is not an easy task, especially when the supply of furnished apartments has increased tremendously and the opportunity for scams found a great niche! Many of our clients contacted us when arriving to New York and finding out that the furnished apartment they have reserved and deposited money does not even exist.

For that reason, the Lara Group team is proud to offer people like you a quick, simple and secure solution to the furnished rental process.  And this solution will give you the quality and security nowhere else to be found.

SECURITY:  The Lara Group team is comprised by New York licensed real estate agents who will not jeopardize their license for doing something wrong.  Lara Group is a New York licensed Real Estate brokerage firm established in 2001. When securing an apartment with us making a deposit, your money is secure with us.

SIMPLICITY: We have included in our website photos, prices, locations, maps, videos and all other information necessary for you to make an intelligent decision on the furnished apartment that is best for you. Many of our clients rely on all that information to make a decision before coming to New York and our goal is to live up to your expectations.

QUALITY: All apartments that we offer are for the short term rental purpose only. None of these rentals are sublets from other people leaving town. Most of our landlords have multiple units and are there to fix or change anything when needed giving you almost the same quality assurance that you find in a hotel.

Hope we can be of service and help you with your New York furnished apartment search